5 Ways To Make Work From Home (WFH) More Productive

Don’t feel a 100% productive during WFH? Here are top 5 tips to make WFH more productive for yourself.


We all dreamed of the day when the work from home culture would be regularized in this part of the world. Come COVID-19, we realize that this dream is far more trickier to accomplish and even more to be resolute. A full day at office narrowed down to a full day at home trying to work sincerely with distractions, compulsive eating, bad posture and overall lack of focus.


It is okay to feel this way says health experts

Since we all are floating in uncertainty, which in turn leads to anxiety, these times are tough for everyone around the world. “The pandemic causes some level of anxiety, which makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand. However, it is important to address this feeling, as well. One way to achieve the feeling of productivity is to plan your day or set a daily/weekly challenge. Even though it may be difficult, it is important to try to accomplish this goal. It is only through goal-achievement that the sense of productivity will be experienced. These goals can be work-related or even household chores related,” says Dr Niharika Mehta, Psychologist.


Here are top 5 ways you can maximize your productivity during WFH


Have a Schedule

At the office you usually have unnecessarily long meeting or talkative coworkers eating up your time. At home, your family or mates can turn into those productivity killers. Prepare a schedule, and share it with your co-inhabitants. People may not initially understand this schedule but will come around eventually.


Create your Work Space

It is very important to have a work space that means business. It could be a work desk, a study bureau or maybe a specific spot in the living room. Equip your workspace with everything you need; a laptop/ desktop, note pads, pen, calculator etc. This will put you into the zone, and soon your family/ co-inhabitants will learn not to disturb you when you are in that zone.


Split your tasks into “Work Windows”

There are several studies showing that humans can only focus on a task anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes at a time, after which, they require a 20 minutes break. Think of your 8 hours workday as a split of 90 minutes Work Windows followed by a 20 minutes break. Use the 90 minutes to achieve the task at hand. This split will not only help you keep your focus but will also allow you to take your much needed breaks to stretch, brisk walk, make coffee or tend to some house work.


Schedule your breaks

Besides the 20mins Work Window breaks, you will need a longer Lunch break. Schedule your breaks and stick to it. This will ensure that you don’t lose focus after the breaks and help you to follow through your schedule.


Time to Up your Game!

This COVID-19 situation, no matter how dreadful it seems, will pass. Remember that this is temporary. We all can’t wait to be back at work and back to the normal routine; but remember, just like this situation, everything else is temporary as well. It is important to stay in the game. Utilize your free time to increase your potential. Here are some ideas to improve:

  • Learn a new skill set – This could be something that helps out your existing job or it could be something you wanted to pursuit for a long time. Go for it!
  • Invest in yourself – Self-care and healthier lifestyle can make you a more productive person. Try and beginners workout routine, use the time at home to try DIY’s.
  • Plan a new startup – Economic Downturn also brings opportunities to tap into. With the reduction in prices for start-up fees, you can now start your business but a fraction of the cost. Besides the licensing fee, there are many Business Centers that are providing economic yet practical places best suited for startups.


We hope that these tips will help you get by during the lockdown. Remember to stay safe and stay home. We are in this together.


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