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Situated along the Gulf of Oman, it has a coastline of more than 90 kms. The area of this Emirate is 1165 square kilometer, which is equivalent to 1.5% of the country’s total area excluding the islands. Fujairah has a port & an airport. This is only international airport, in UAE, at the Eastern Coast. Because of its beautiful location, Fujairah Government is giving top priority to the tourism industry. Moreover, several industrial projects have been implemented as well. Agriculture & Fisheries are important sectors, which are developing fast.

The restored Fujairah Fort and the nearby Fujairah Museum are in Fujairah City. Fujairah Heritage Village, near Madhab Spring Park, preserves some of the emirate’s past. The main mosque is the large white Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the second largest in the UAE and a landmark that is visible from many locations in the center of the city. It can hold around 28,000 worshippers.

On the seafront are Fujairah Corniche and Fujairah International Marine Club on Al Corniche Road. There is also bull fighting on Friday afternoons. To the north is Fujairah Beach on Al Faseel Road. Most major hotels are on or close to Hamad Bin Abdulla Road and Al Corniche Road.

Fujairah is rich in minerals. Some of which are utilized in several local industries while others are exported abroad. Fujairah abounds with gabbro rocks & the diabase minerals, which are exploited in the manufacture of rock wool, used for thermal insulation, oil refineries & in construction field.

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