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Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ)

DAFZA is one of the most prestigious and advanced Freezones in Dubai. They provide an ideal base to do business in the middle east by providing a business-friendly environment, world class infrastructure, tax exemptions, full repatriation of earning, total ownership, and exceptional facilities. Strategically located next to the Dubai International Airport they boast, rapid clearance and fast processing of paperwork to maximize business activity and efficiency.

Facilities at Freezones in Dubai

As part of their policy of assisting you and your business in every way, Dubai Airport Free zone has state-of-the-art facilities providing comprehensive business support facilities such as:

Freezones in Dubai

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Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ)

Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ) is envisioned as a comprehensive marketplace for the Auto Industry catering to buyers, sellers, service providers, automobile companies and their authorized representatives. DAZ provides an integrated platform for all segments of the auto industry to efficiently serve the growing needs of the region’s dynamic markets.

Types of Licenses
Dubai Auto Zone, Freezones in Dubai

Dubai Science Park (DSP)

Dubai Science Park offers its Partners state of the art offices in a variety of sizes, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the space that suits their needs. All buildings avail of additional benefits as per convenient parking, various retail options, effective facilities management services and advanced security systems for ease and privacy.

Office Space is available in the Laboratory Complex, the Dubai Science Park Headquarters, and the mezzanine offices as a combination with the warehouses. Dubai Science Park is a complete neighborhood in the heart of Al Barsha where you can live, work, and enjoy the sense of community that pervades through its core.

DSP Offerings

  • Executive offices: Fully furnished spacious office units with access to a business center and meeting rooms. This product is ideal for international companies setting up in Dubai.
  • Hot desks: Fully equipped workstations each with a PC and high-speed internet connection. Perfect for startup companies with small operational requirements.
  • Commercial office space: Core and shell office space in varying sizes.
  • Laboratory space Shell laboratory modules designed to offer facilities such as DI/RO water, access to compressed gas lines and a vacuum system. These lab modules allow flexibility of design ranging from clean rooms to analytical operations. Fitted out laboratory modules provide a fume hood, wet and dry bench, and a small office area, in addition to facilities offered by the shell laboratory modules.
  • Leasable Land Area Land available for various activities in dedicated zones such as manufacturing units, R&D facilities, training centers, warehousing facilities, headquarter buildings, etc.


  • Regulatory framework for operation of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories
  • On site district cooling system
  • Waste management system
  • Gas distribution network
  • Education: Academic / research institutions focusing on Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Training institutes to provide programs on continuing education
  • Convention Center – to host regional and international events.
Dubai Science Park

Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ)

The Dubai Cars and Automotive City Zone (DUCAMZ) was launched in 2000, is located in Ras Al Khor and provides easy access to the Dubai International Airport and to the Jebel Ali Port to all companies operating within the free zone. The Cars and Automotive Zone is one of the largest free zones in Dubai and the largest one dedicated to the automotive industry in the world. 

Companies in DUCAMZ may sell vehicles on the local markets and re-export cars to the Middle East and Africa. The vehicles sold by companies in the Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone are divided into two categories:

  • left-hand drive vehicles to be exported to the local markets and fall under the regulations of the UAE,

  • right-hand drive vehicles dedicated to African countries mostly.

Company registration in the DUCAMZ

The most employed type of company to be registered in the Dubai Cars and Automotive City Zone is the free zone company. The minimum share capital required to set up free zone company in the DUCAMZ is 100,000 AED (approximately 30,000 USD). The company must have at least two shareholders and a maximum number of five.

Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone

Foreign companies may also set up branch offices within the Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone. Our company incorporation agents in Dubai will guide you through the company setup procedure.

Business licenses in the Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone.

The only activities permitted to companies operating in the Dubai Cars and Automotive City Free Zone are related to trading and selling vehicles. Other activities such insurance, banking, repairing and maintenance of vehicles are also permitted. In order to operate within the DUCAMZ, a company must apply for a trading license that is issued within four or five working days and must be renewed on an annual basis.

Dubai Flower Centre (DFC)

Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) free zone has been developed to handle flower imports and exports and is one of the major flower handling hubs in the world. Dubai Flower Centre (DFC), strategically located at the Dubai International Airport, has been developed to handle flower imports and exports, as one of the major flower handling hubs in the world.

The zone is specially built to handle air cargo shipment of flowers as these products need special conditions to transport them effectively. As the center of growth for the floriculture industry in the 21st century, Dubai Flower center has been designed with forethought of the fast-paced growth in the global trade of flowers, perishables materials offering a world-class freight handling facility. Creation of this zone enhances the quality of services offered by modern logistics services and contribute viable solutions to the transport of goods produced by the floriculture industry with faster transit times, improved handling capacities and high degree of efficiency.

Dubai Flower Center

The vital role for success in handling perishables logistics is high-quality, effective, and unbroken cool chain. The Dubai Flower Centre understands the needs of the business and global trends in cold chain logistics, hence the Dubai Cool Chain facility is designed extensively while still being attached to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Flower Centre and Dubai Cargo Village maintaining an effective and robust cooling chain system in place.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park (DGDP)

Established in 2011, and a treasure trove of some of the world’s finest jewelry, gemstones, precious stones, gold, silver, platinum and high-end personal accessories, Gold & Diamond Park consistently draws residents and tourists in enthusiastic numbers.

With its exceptionally convenient location on Sheikh Zayed Road, it is a phenomenon that must be seen to be believed. Jewelry and bullion worth millions can be admired, reviewed, and purchased everywhere you turn, and customers can even choose to have their designs custom-made at the hands of superbly skilled and experienced artisans. And with over 90 leading retailers and brands to choose from, a truly diverse range of options is yours for the asking.

A unique and thoughtful combination of not merely retail space but also 118 purpose-built manufacturing blocks, Gold & Diamond Park presents an advantageous proposition to jewelers and businesspeople in search of premium commercial leasing opportunities, including 350 offices.

A courtyard and a selection of cafés and restaurants are perfect for mid-shopping breaks and casual conversation, while the surprising diversity of stores that extend beyond jewelry is a welcome addition to the luxury of being in the glittering heart of Dubai.

Types of Licenses
Dubai Gold and Diamond park

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) free zone, established in 2002, brings together core healthcare services, attracting the best in class global and regional names, as well as a network of businesses from hospitality to consultancies and retail outlets. DHCC has its own regulatory body and facilitates end-to-end business set-up.

As we expand, residents and visitors will soon be able to experience a community that encourages healthy living and welcomes innovative concepts in healthcare and wellness from around the world.

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) was launched in April 2007 to cater to the needs of the region’s growing and diverse academic community. Home to numerous regional and international colleges and universities, it serves over 27,000 students from all around the world. With more than 500 undergraduate and post-graduate programs currently offered to students, DIAC continues to expand and grow as per the needs of its robust and talented academic community.

Dubai international Academic City
List of Institutes in DIAC

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

With a 15-year track record of facilitating trade and investment flows across the MEASA region, the Centre connects these fast-growing markets with the economies of Asia, Europe and the Americas through Dubai.

DIFC is home to an internationally recognized, independent regulator and a proven judicial system with an English common law framework, as well as the region’s largest financial ecosystem of more than 25,600 professionals working across over 2,400 active registered companies – making up the largest and most diverse pool of industry talent in the region.

The Centre’s vision is to drive the future of finance. Today, it offers one of the region’s most comprehensive FinTech and venture capital environments, including cost-effective licensing solutions, fit-for-purpose regulation, innovative accelerator programs, and funding for growth-stage start-ups.

Comprising a variety of world-renowned retail and dining venues, a dynamic art and culture scene, residential apartments, hotels, and public spaces, DIFC continues to be one of Dubai’s most sought-after business and lifestyle destinations.

DIFC encompasses first-class commercial office spaces, state-of-the-art business centers, dynamic retail spaces and modern data centers, offers a portfolio of exclusive commercial properties. With Grade A quality, all leased spaces in the Centre have advanced facilities, safety and security systems, connectivity, and integrated

Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is an information technology park created by the government of Dubai as a free economic zone and a strategic base for companies targeting regional emerging markets. The economic rules of DIC allow companies to avail themselves of several ownerships, taxation and customs related benefits which are guaranteed by law for a period of 50 years. One model of operation includes 100% foreign ownership, similar to those prevailing in other designated economic zones in the United Arab Emirates.

These freedoms have led many global information technology firms, such as FacebookLinkedInGoogleDellIntelHuaweiSamsungSAPMicrosoftIBMOracle CorporationTata Consultancy3MSun MicrosystemsCiscoHPNokiaCognizant and Accenture, as well as UAE based companies such as Ducont, to move their regional base to the DIC. DIC is located adjacent to other industrial clusters such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village.

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV)

The world’s only free zone dedicated to Human Resource Management and learning excellence.

Established in 2003 as part of TECOM Group, Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) aims to develop the region’s talent pool and establish the UAE as a knowledge-based economy. DKP is a unique hub that offers the best selection of programs in Human Resource Management (HRM), Consultancy, Training and Personal Development. Students receive diplomas and certificates of the highest caliber from DKP’s top-class Business Partners.

Dubai Knowledge Park provides flexible solutions with support from its innovative customer service team. With their assistance, DKP business partners have set up training centers, institutes, and HR agencies to sustain and secure their market share in this booming sector.

Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai Logistics City (DLC)

Dubai Logistic City is home to Dubai Logistics City (DLC), the world’s first multi-modal integrated logistics platform. DLC incorporates more than 25 sq. km of the free zone and serves every transport mode, logistics need and value-adding operation in the supply chain, including manufacturing and assembly, all within a single-bonded, free zone environment.

With a capacity to turn over 12 million tons of air cargo annually, Dubai Logistics City is strategically located alongside the world’s biggest airport, the new DWC Al Maktoum International Airport and adjacent to one of the world’s largest container handlers, Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone.

Business Activities in Dubai Logistics City
Dubai Logistic City
  • 100% ownership with no taxation and 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • World’s first truly integrated logistics and multi-nodal transport platform with the favorable tax and regulatory advantages of a free zone
  • Any type of businesses possible
  • Commercial independence and flexibility needed to deliver world-class logistics services for every kind of process and every kind of customer.
  • Multi-client Warehouses: Self-build or turnkey facilities on a DLC long-term lease, providing large-scale multi-modal transport and logistics services
  • Dedicated Contract Logistics Warehouses: Facilities for contract logistics services defined by key customers
  • A custom designed, dedicated road system that separates professional cargo flows from public traffic within the DLC forwarder area
  • Exclusive access to terminal facilities
  • Hangars and runway apron

Dubai Media City (DMC)

Dubai Media City was established in 2000, by governmental decree, to be found in Dubai at the intersection of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Dubai Media City (DMC) appeared as a worldwide media center. DMC has a helpful environment and highly developed infrastructure for media-associated corporations to function worldwide. There are over 1300 companies established in DMC Free zone recently. The Dubai Media City legislation is provisioned by an independent entity referred to as Dubai Technology and Media Free zone Authority (DTMFZA) that enables companies to accomplish business activities in a top rate environment based on worldwide standards.

The Dubai Free zone have continually functioned towards providing various firms and companies belonging to different industries thrive for the great and offer maximum output each in terms of offerings and bring. In short, they have got created an atmosphere for these industries where they are able to grow in a cost-effective unfastened region, with no requirement of paying heed to taxes and customs.

Dubai Media City
  • Advertising & Communication
  • Business Information
  • Event Management
  • Event Support Services
  • Freelancing
  • Media and Marketing Services
  • Media Support Services
  • Media Consultancy

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC)

A unique combination of Free Zone status, state of the art commercial and residential property and top-tier commodities and financial services, puts DMCC in a class of its own. Added to this, ongoing investment in the most interconnected, innovative infrastructure and leading business services makes it easy to trade from here. Efficiently, effortlessly, anywhere in the world.

DMCC Established in 2002 by Royal Decree, we are a strategic government initiative of the Government of Dubai designed to enhance trade flows through the United Arab Emirates by providing not only the very latest infrastructure, but also an optimal environment allowing DMCC’s clients to fully benefit from both DMCC’s regulated framework and convenient location. Officially recognized as the largest and fastest growing Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates, its aim is to galvanize DMCC’s position in the international market as a commercial center of excellence for companies choosing to operate from Dubai.

DMCC is one of the fastest growing Free zones in the UAE offering both commercial & residential freehold property solutions. Geographically located opposite to Dubai Marina, DMCC Free zone attracts investors from all parts of the world because of its cost-effective Real Estate prices and proximity to all major landmarks in Dubai. DMCCA issues Trade License for non-commodities through DMCC Free zone.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority
Types of Licenses
  • Trading License
  • Service License
  • Industrial License

Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)

Dubai Outsource City (DOC) was launched in 2007 to cater to the market demand for outsourcing companies. DOC supports Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, back office, and call center operations.

DOC provides comprehensive, purpose-built infrastructure for companies who want to establish themselves within an UAE free zone. DOC offers state-of-the-art office space, robust telecom infrastructure, facilities management services and a 24-hour security service.

Some of the free zone benefits extended to DOC Business Partners include 100% business ownership and tax-free income, as well as value-added services such as networking opportunities, venue management, industry awareness programs and government services.

Dubai Outsource Zone
Types of Licenses
  • Recruitment
  • Call Center
  • Business Processing
  • Data Center
  • Market Research and Data Analysis
  • Financial and Accounting Outsourcing Services
  • Back Office Services
  • Social Media Outsourcing

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)

Dubai Silicon Oasis was established by the Government of Dubai in 2004 and is one-of-its-kind Free Zone reputed for world-class innovation, design, and development in the field of photovoltaic, nanotechnology, electronics optoelectronic technology, and supporting industries providing equipment and materials for the production of information and communications technologies using semiconductors. It is the only technology park in the UAE to provide integrated living and working community.

DSO was set up as a global and collaborative initiative to facilitate and promote modern technology-based industries in the Middle East, and provide the world’s best business climate to the entire electronics value chain in the form of highly educated personnel and access to shared capital.

Spread across 7.2 square kilometers, DSO is superbly governed by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) and enjoys advanced public, industrial, living & residential, commercial, and education facilities. Dubai Silicon Oasis aims at attracting companies engaged in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Electronic Manufacturing Systems, Microelectronics, Fabless IC Design, Test & Assembly, and optoelectronics related enterprises.

Designed as a hi-tech ecosystem in Dubai, DSO offers a wide range of benefits. It is the only technology park in the region that provides both a living and working integrated community.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
Types of Licenses
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Internet
  • Data Centre
  • Arabization / Localization Technologies
  • Software / SAAS
  • Semiconductor networks, sanitary sewer networks, and roads networks.

Dubai Studio City (DSC)

Launched in 2005, Dubai Studio City (DSC) is a global business community that provides cutting-edge facilities and services to companies across the broadcasting, film production, TV, music, and entertainment sectors. Dubai Studio City provides an all-in-one solution to facilitate an easy, efficient, and innovative production process. DSC meets worldwide creative needs by offering outstanding production services, the largest Sound Stages in the region, backlots, sets, water tanks, production offices, recording studios and offices.

DSC offers the right combination of planned infrastructure, talent pool and the dynamic business environment to support the growth of broadcast, movie, television, and music production companies in the Middle East region. The business park offers free zone benefits of 100% business ownership and a tax-free income in addition to networking opportunities, venue management services, industry building programs and government services.

Types of Licenses
Dubai Studio City

Dubai South Free Zone

The Dubai South Free Zone is an ideal area for company setup. It’s part of a master-planned city centered around the new Al Maktoum International Airport, which is projected to be the world’ largest. 

Dubai South covers 140 square kilometers and serves as a strategic platform for company setup and growth in the logistics, aviation, light industry, and ancillary service fields spread out across eight integrated districts and the business park.

Dubai South has a privileged location for import-export firms because goods can go from sea to air in just four hours due to its proximity to the Al Maktoum airport and the Jebel Ali Port along with a wide array of activities within the Aviation sector. 

The airport forms the heart of a greater project, a 140 km2 multiphase development of six clustered zones that includes the Dubai Logistics City (DLC), Commercial City, Residential City, Aviation City and the Golf City.

Dubai South Freezone
Types of Licenses

Dubai World Trade Centre Authority (DWTCA)

Dubai World Trade Centre Authority (DWTC) is a Dubai free zone with no capital requirements. It provides a unique and highly desirable proposition for companies looking for an effective, competitive, and well-regulated business ecosystem.

DWTC is strategically located in Dubai’s central business district and close to Dubai’s financial center hub. It is an ideal business environment for companies looking to operate locally and reach regional and global markets. The office facilities available for lease to any business type offer a prestigious commercial address in the center of Dubai.

Dubai World Trade Centre Authority
Types of Licenses


Enpark occupies a location between Al Khail and Emirates road highways. It is just 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi. Also, its located 15 minutes from Jebel Ali port for easy imports, exports, and logistics operations.

Established in 2006 in the center East’s leading business hub Dubai, the Energy and Environment Park (Enpark). Enpark is a member of TECOM Investments Science Cluster situated at Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park widely known as Dubiotech. Enpark constantly engages its business companions in pilot projects and public awareness campaigns to stimulate the growth of the industry.

Enpark intends to provide commercial and property areas, education and leisure centers, and research study centers inside a sustainable community. Business management in Enpark will belong to totally integrated understanding neighborhood offering chances for partnership, networking, and an intensive support of group for success. ENPARK will consist of production commercial enterprise with environmentally friendly meeting line, domestic neighborhoods, and retail area, consisting of purchasing, eating, and home entertainment stores.

ENPARK, Freezones in Dubai

Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City (DPC) formerly known as International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), is a free zone and freehold area that caters to media production companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The DPC spreads over an area of 43,000,000 square feet (4,000,000 m2) on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, near Dubai Sports City, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Jumeirah Village. The Dubai government has plans to convert this area into the next generation of Dubai Media City.

Dubai Production City is a leading business hub enabling the global and local publishing, printing, and packaging industries to excel. Home to qualified business professionals from around the globe, Dubai Production City is a holistic community offering business, retail, and residential lifestyle.

DPC was launched in 2003 as the first dedicated community aiming to advance the development of the production industry in the region. DPC benefits from free zone privileges and regulations that facilitate the ease of business and operations, a unique and vibrant community supporting and fostering the growth of media production.

Dubai Production City

JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free zone Authority)

We are the leading Free Zone of the region that lies at the center of trade and is part of a unique ecosystem that offers end to end solutions and growth opportunities to businesses that operate locally and globally.

With all the right resources in one place, Jafza has the foundation for you to tap into fresh opportunities with suppliers, trade partners and logistics providers to reduce your costs and increase your profits.
 In over 3 decades, Jafza grew from 19 companies in 1985 to more than 500 in 1995, and over 7,500 today, which includes nearly 100 Global Fortune 500 enterprises

Most of these companies have set up their regional headquarters in Jafza to serve the wider Middle East region comprising West Asia, the CIS, Africa and Indian Subcontinent. Today, Jafza proudly stands as a dynamic base for thousands of businesses from over 100 countries, sustains more than 135,000 jobs and attracts 23.9% of Dubai’s foreign direct investment.

Jafza is one of the most competitive locations to establish your business and see it grow. Benefits to businesses include a customized platform for global connectivity; connections with a network of business leaders with a history of success and an easy operating environment created around simplifying your operations, all within the dynamic Dubai market that supports enterprise development while offering one of the most desirable places to live.

Everything at Jafza has been designed with the unique needs of manufacturing and trading companies in mind. Come join our dynamic community of some of the most successful businesses in the world.

Types of Licenses
Jebel Ali Free zone Authority

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